Easy TCA Pain Control helps diminish dead skins cells and stimulates collagen growth. Targeting the basel layer to the papillary dermis, targeting photo-ageing and other skin conditions such as Melasma, acne and Anti-aging .


  • Ageing
  • Acne Scarring
  • Easy & Safe
  • Multi-indications
  • Maximum security
  • Short / partial social downtime
  • Photo types 1 to 5

Easy TCA is the most famous and internationally known Skin Tech product, a medium depth chemical peeling for skin regeneration. Considered to be the safest, most effective and easiest peeling with TCA (Trycloratic Acid).

Treatment areas: Face & body (hands, forearms and neck)

Easy TCA is primarily intented for a peeling until the basal layer of the epidermis,but it can reach the Grenz zone or the papillary dermis, depending on the application process and the number of coats applied.

  • Photo-aging and its consequences
  • Acne and post acne
  • Pigmentation problems (melasma, shloasma,post inflammatory hyperpigmentation)
  • Ichtyosis
  • Keratoses and lentigine